Maca Also known as: Lepidium Meyenii, Maca Root, Peruvian Ginseng
Maca is a root herb similar in appearance to radishes or turnips. Just as much a superfood as an herb, it has many healthful benefits. Maca is an adaptogen that helps the body adapt to stressors. It’s also used to boost energy, support a healthy libido, promote balance for women during menopause, and boost immune health. Research shows it may also benefit reproductive health for men. Maca is widely available in maca powder, maca capsules and maca liquid extract form, making it easy to work into your daily routine however you see fit, whether as a food or beverage additive or to be taken on its own.

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Maca (Peruvian ginseng) is a natural dietary supplement, created on the basis of Maca root. It is a plant from the Brassica family, resembling a large radish. Typically, Lepidium meyeniiis is yellow, red or black. Inhabitants living in high-lying areas and Peru have been using this plant for centuries both in medicine and as a part of the daily diet.

This amazing plant from South America provides a number of benefits for the human body. The root extract supports, among other things, the proper functioning of the immune system and endocrine management. In addition, supportive properties have been proven in the treatment of osteoporosis and strengthening bones and teeth. For thousands of years, residents of Peru use the root of Peruvian ginseng for the treatment of infertility and to increase sex drive, which has been scientifically proven. The source of nutrients is the vitamins, minerals and vegetable proteins of the highest quality containing in large amounts in this plant.

Maca and nutrients containing in the root strengthen the body’s performance, increase its efficiency and add energy. Peruvian ginseng also helps reduces fatigue and contribute to regeneration. Maca root is also considered an adaptogen, a plant that increases resistance to stress and depression.

The dietary supplement created on the basis of the Maca root can be undoubtedly one of the most important elements of daily care for the state of your body, and the huge number of benefits certainly makes it highly competitive.