Selenium is an element that fulfills very important functions in the human body. One of the most important functions of this microelement is regulating the functioning of enzymes that protect the body against harmful toxins. In addition, selenium is an important component of normal thyroid function. Selenium deficiency may result in circulatory problems and even increase the risk of developing cancer. Often, supplementing Selenium deficiencies may result in stopping further disease progression.

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To maintain the appropriate level of selenium in the body, it should be supplemented. It is done mainly due to everyday food. Unfortunately, it is difficult for a man to take the recommended doses of selenium in a natural way, because in nature simply, this element occurs in very small quantities.

It can be found, inter alia, in marine fish, such as salmon or tuna. In addition, some doses of selenium are found in meat and eggs, and – a little less – in rice. Doctors recommend providing the body with approximately 50 micrograms of selenium per day. Rarely, however, the normal diet is able to provide a sufficient dose of this rare element. You should then reach for a dietary supplement with selenium, which will help in providing the body with the required dose of this important micronutrient. However, it’s worth remembering not to exceed the recommended daily allowance of selenium. Its excess can result in adverse effects on the human body.